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5 sintomas de rins fracos.

5 sintomas de rins fracos.

5 sintomas de rins fracos.

0:00 Hi guys! How are you? 0:02 Today we are going to talk about weak kidneys. 0:05 I saw few videos talking about the subject, 0:08 so I thought it was interesting to bring this knowledge here for you. 0:12 You must know someone who does dialysis, right? 0:15 Why did he lose his kidneys and have to start dialysis? 0:21 And what are the symptoms of a patient who has kidney failure, do you know it? 0:26 I will explain all this in detail to you, so stay with me until the end of the

video! 0:32 Play the intro! 0:37 Dr. Roberto Yano Cardiologist Physician 0:45 Hello, friends of the heart, how are you? 0:48 I am Dr. Roberto Yano Cardiologist and Pacemaker Specialist. 0:52 Let's talk today about the kidneys. 0:55 We know that kidney problems are directly associated with heart disease. 1:02 People with kidney failure are likely to develop heart disease 1:08 at some point in their lives! To give you an idea, 1:11 today in Brazil approximately 100,000 people are on

dialysis! 1:16 And every year 21,000 new people will have to do it, they will have to start dialysis! 1:22 But what are the kidneys for? What do they actually do? 1:26 The kidneys are very important organs for our body, 1:30 they are responsible for eliminating excreta, 1:34 waste and cleaning the toxins that are present in our body! 1:38 The kidneys act as a filter removing excess fluid from our body. 1:43 In addition, they play a key role in controlling our blood pressu re, 1:48 as they produce

a substance called renin, 1:51 which is essential for the good control of our blood pressure. 1:54 The kidneys produce erythropoietin which stimulates 1:59 the production of red blood cells, which are our blood cells! 2:02 In addition, the kidneys also control the amount of sodium, potassium, 2:06 chlorine, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, 2:10 keeping these electrolytes at normal levels at all times! 2:14 What a multitude of things our kidneys do! It's awesome , isn't it? 2:19 And when the

kidneys aren't working well, what can happen? 2:23 Toxins can start to accumulate in our body, excess fluid can occur 2:31 and the person tends to become more bloated, we can develop anemia 2:36 because our blood production is affected, the pressure is totally out of control, 2:42 as we lose capacity from self-regulation of blood pressure, 2:47 there may be accumulation and loss of electrolytes, 2:50 such as increased potassium, for example; with i ncreased potassium, 2:55 the heart may start to

experience cardiac arrhythmia; 2:58 in addition, there may be a drop in immunity, a drop in libido with sexual impotence; 3:04 with increased pressure, the patient can easily progress to heart failure, 3:09 which is a weak heart; 3:11 in addition, of course, to increasing the risk of a heart attack! 3:13 Anyway, there are countless problems! 3:16 And you saw that these are potentially serious problems. 3:20 And what are the main causes of kidney failure? 3:23 Why do so many people have kidney

failure and don't even know it? 3:28 Did you know that 10% of people have kidney failure? 3:32 The main causes are similar to the causes that make the heart weak. 3:36 High blood pressure can affect the kidneys, poorly controlled Diabetes, 3:41 kidney diseases such as kidney cysts and kidney recurrent stones, 3:46 diseases such as Glomerulonephritis or Pyelonephritis, 3:49 and smoking itself can also lead to kidney failure. 3:53 A frequently seen situation is 3:55 the indiscriminate abusive use

of anti-inflammatory drugs 3:59 such as Diclofenac, Nimesulide, Ibuprofen, for example. 4:03 How many people I've seen lose their kidneys due to anti-inflammatory drugs! 4:08 I always see this type of patient in the office! 4:11 Still have autoimmune diseases such as lupus, 4:14 prostate disease can also cause kidney failure. 4:18 And why are many people who have it and don't even know it? 4:23 What happens is th at until there is a considerable loss of the kidneys, 4:28 the patient does not feel

anything at all! 4:30 So, when he starts to experience symptoms 4:34 it's because he's already lost more than 70% of his kidneys! 4:37 Remembering that kidney damage can often be irreversible, 4:43 if it was injured there, that piece is no longer recoverable! 4:46 That's why it's important to have an early diagnosis! 4:49 If you are hypertensive, diabetic or have recurrent urine infections, 4:55 for e xample, beware! Always check if the kidneys are 100%! 5:00 There are super simple tests such as

urea creatinine, simple urine test, 5:06 or 24-hour proteinuria, which can already help a lot to know how your kidneys are! 5:12 So always stay tuned, ok? Are you enjoying the video? 5:17 Are you liking every new video of mine? 5:21 Are you sharing any videos in the WhatsApp group? Come on, guys! 5:27 All helping to save the world! Share all my new video! 5:32 So let's go to the top 5 symp toms of weak kidneys. 5:36 Symptom number 1: nausea and vomiting. 5:40 Due to the accumulation of fluid and

fluid and electrolyte imbalance, 5:46 the intestine can start to function in slow motion, 5:49 which can cause nausea and vomiting. 5:51 In addition, the intoxication itself due to the excess of substances 5:56 that were not able to be eliminated can also cause this malaise 6:00 and make the person feel nausea and vomiting. 6:02 Symptom number 2: changes in urine. Is your urine very foamy? 6:08 Watch out! This could be a sign of kidney failure! 6:12 Sometimes the excess foam can be an excess of

protein in the urine. 6:18 Another very common symptom is that in the early stages of kidney failure, 6:22 the person starts to urinate in greater quantities, 6:25 in an attempt to eliminate more waste. In the more terminal phase, 6:31 the tendency is to reduce the amount of urine and the patient is even anuric, 6:37 that is, he does not produce more urine! So pay a ttention! 6:41 If your urine is foaming in excess or if you are urinating a lot, 6:45 or if you are urinating too little, go see a

doctor right away! 6:49 Symptom number 3: the cramps. 6:53 Who doesn't get cramp from time to time? I feel myself. 6:57 For example, when I go to train jiu-jitsu, I often feel a cramp 7:00 or something that bothers me! And what about you? Do you feel cramp too? 7:04 I want to know! Leave it here in the comments if you have a cramp or not! 7:08 Did you kn ow that a cramp could be a sign of weak kidneys? 7:13 Most of the time it's no big deal! 7:15 Cramps usually occur from lack of stretching, when

you are slightly dehydrated. 7:21 Anyway, in general it's nothing more serious! 7:24 But if you start to get frequent cramps it's best to investigate your kidneys! 7:28 Cramps occur precisely because of this imbalance, this hydro-electrolytic imbalance; 7:34 mainly in the potassium and calcium of those with weak kidneys. 7:39 But come on, sym ptom number four: sweeling. 7:42 Imagine that your kidneys are no longer able to maintain your body's fluid balance, 7:49 what will happen? You will start

to get swollen. 7:51 This swelling usually starts in the legs, but in more severe cases 7:57 it moves up to the abdomen and eventually even the face is swollen! 8:01 Not rarely, we see people with kidney failure and their faces all swollen, 8:06 So if your leg swells, be sure to ruling out kidney trouble! 8:12 And finally, the fif th symptom: high blood pressure which can't be controlled. 8:17 The kidneys are responsible for the good control of our blood pressure, 8:23 so it's a fact that when

the kidneys don't work, 8:26 your blood pressure will go out of control! 8:28 And most of the time it will get high! 8:31 Chronic kidney patients are more difficult to get pressure control! 8:36 In addition to the higher blood pressure, there are classes of medications 8:41 that we cannot use when the patient's kidney is not good; 8:45 this ends up limiting our therapeutic arsenal 8:50 a little in relation to blood pressure medications. 8:52 So high blood pressure that's difficult to

control 8:55 or high blood pressure in young people, 8:57 the first thing your doctor will look into is definitely your kidneys! 9:01 Anyway, what are you going to do then to protect your kidneys? 9:07 There's no secret, folks! It is necessary to avoid all the diseases 9:12 I told you about in the video! Co ntrol your blood pressure well, 9:15 don't have diabetes and if you have diabetes, you should control it very well! 9:20 Eat properly, with natural foods, avoiding processed foods; 9:27 get

regular exercise to maintain good shape and proper weight. 9:32 It's the same thing you should do to protect your heart! So, you do it, 9:38 protect your kidneys and already protect your heart! How wonderful! 9:42 And don't forget to always keep your Cardiology monitoring. 9:47 The Cardiologist will be able to know early on if you have 9:52 any chance of one day having weak kidneys 9:55 and will already take all appropriate measures! 9:58 You know, but it doesn't hurt to point out that the Yano

clinic, 10:02 Dr. Patricia Yano, who is a Gynecologist, and me, 10:05 we're providing telemedicine care throughout Brazil! It's online service! 10:12 For those interested I'll leave the link here in the description. OK, guys? 10:17 Today's message is this! 10:19 A hug and see you nex

5 sintomas de rins fracos.

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